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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Where to Now?

I have been thinking a lot about where to go next with this blog.  A few months ago my plan was to retire this space in favour of a fresh start (I even wrote the ‘goodbye’ post).  I know that I would be happy and comfortable with that option; and that’s exactly why I haven’t taken it.  I may be ready to give up this blog, but I believe that this blog still has plenty it can teach me – and so I am continuing to post.

But I also knew that something had to change.  I do ‘enjoy’ writing helpful posts about living with M.E.; but the fact that almost all my posts were along this vein is what was stopping me from posting in the months before blogvent.  I had somehow unintentionally put extra pressure on myself and, while I do hope to go back to writing posts specifically dealing with living with M.E., they won’t be clogging up this blog.  Of course, M.E. is going to be a major part of this blog as has become a major part of my life.  And in that is the answer of what I want from this blog: to write about my life, my thoughts – basically everything to do with me.  I hope to take this blog back to the days when it first started (many ‘mini-essays’ on subjects that had been sparked by my life) but make it even more about me.  I want to include more of my daily life here; perhaps more like a journal than a blog.  And as I said, I will still include M.E. but it will be more about how it is effecting me day to day rather than advice for others.

I know this isn’t what everyone wants to read, and that’s okay.  If you don’t want to listen to me going on and on about my personal life, feel free to find somewhere else to spend your time.  This is what I need to be writing right now, and if anyone wishes to follow along and join in via the comments and Twitter, then I welcome you with open arms.  I cannot know what I will actually be writing, as the whole point is to learn and discover more of myself in the process of writing here, but I am definitely excited to find out where it will lead me.

I still post book reviews on Captivated by Books (I’m aiming to post one every Tuesday from now on).  And, as I mentioned, I do have plans to create a new space dealing specifically with M.E. and Chronic Disability.  As soon as it gets off the ground (keep your fingers crossed for me), I will update here and on Twitter.  But for now I am going to experiment a little in this space, so apologies for the rather random posting that is certain to ensue, until I find where I am going next.

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