Help me Celebrate my Birthday

Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Monday, 9 July 2012

My Week In Pictures

I still don't have the words to write, despite feeling like I want to start writing again, but I do have the pictures.

 1.Green Smoothie 2. Banana and coconut ice pops 3-6. Local carnival 7. Noah's arc cross-stitch I'm working on for SOLAK 8. The Olympic Torch (at 6.30am this morning!)


Chelle said...


I love the Noah's Ark! I just went to the SOLAK site and am very interested in stitching for this. Where do you find the designs you do?

I did one square for Love Quilts, but I picked a rotten design (it was beautiful, but took me forever because it had SO many stitches - the entire thing was filled in).

I like the sizing on this one better too. The Love Quilts are 10 X 10, so 6 X 6 obviously sounds a LOT faster!

Hugs and you will get your words back. I always do!


Unknown said...

Thanks so much Chelle, I love hearing from you. There are a few sites I use to find patterns as well as ones from magazines and mainstream kits (many of which are available on Ebay).

I would suggest googling free patterns as many are small enough to use and many are available for personal and charity use (be sure to check on the website though). But to get you started, here are a few I use:

Happy stitching.

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