Help me Celebrate my Birthday

Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Tuesday 24 April 2012

Winner and an Update

Firstly, congratulations to Shanna for winning the Tangled Tides ebook (I rolled a dice on to find the winner).  Shanna, please send me an email (anyawillowfan at yahoo dot co dot uk) so I can pass your email onto Rhemelda publishers who will send you a copy of the book.

Secondly, I want to let you all know why I haven't been posting regularly for a few weeks.  Basically, the first few weeks I didn't post I was really ill, I couldn't sleep properly and my M.E. flared up to the point that I could only just watch DVDs of my favourite shows.  I wasn't able to come online as my brain just couldn't understand anything I read.

This past week I have been feeling slightly better.  I am beginning to feel like I was before I got ill (so, still almost housebound, but at least I can do a little each day now if I have plenty of rest).  However, instead of posting here, I have been using that energy to work on my new website.  It is nowhere near ready yet, but I am going to be sending you there later this week regardless as I know you would rather be invited early and see the site evolve as I slowly finish it.

I hope you are as well as possible and had a good weekend.


Karen C said...

Tamara, glad you're starting to feel a bit better. Can't wait to see the new website.

Unknown said...

Thank you Karen - I hope to be redirecting everyone there soon.