Help me Celebrate my Birthday

Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Wednesday 28 March 2012

Doing What I Wanted

I haven’t really done anything in the past week other than watch episodes of Buffy.  But I now feel much more ready to get back to working hard on my plans. 

I spent the time allowing myself to do what I felt like doing rather than what I felt I should be doing.  I’m not saying that that is possible (or even advisable) all the time, but I found that not forcing myself to continue with my plans gave me a chance to emotionally, mentally and physically catch up with all my ideas.  I feel much more optimistic and had a few ideas just come to me while I wasn’t looking for them.  While this break wasn’t planned, it felt completely necessary to realign myself with my goals and my words for this year. 

I wasn’t looking for a break but clearly I needed one and am glad that I allowed myself to take one.  Do you take breaks from the stress of life/plans/work often?  Do you plan them or just let them happen?

1 comment:

KipperCat said...

While I intend to plan breads, I rarely do. But I'm (usually) willing to take them when my body says it's time.