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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Didn't Mean To Be Gone So Long

Wow, I honestly didn't realise just how much time I have been away from this blog.  I can't really believe that it's December already (it doesn't help that I don't feel very Christmassy) and I hope that this month I manage to write here more often.

This past week I have generally been doing better.  By that I mean that I have found myself being a little more positive and a lot more gentle with myself (or at least I am trying to).

Finding myself suddenly in December I feel disorientated - usually at this time of year I would be wrapping up in layers to walk to school/college/uni and anticipating the holiday time with my family.  This year is different.  I can't remember the last time I was out of the flat (I know it wasn't that cold) and, while I will be seeing my parents, I won't be spending Christmas with them.  Chris and I are planning on spending it together, just us two, as it is the first year we have been living together.

I want to say that I am looking forward to it, but honestly I don't know right now.  I am panicking that I don't have any Christmas presents ready - I am behind on the organising of cards and food and decorating (yes, I do tend to go into overdrive around the holidays).  So please excuse me while I go and stitch in the hopes of finishing at least one homemade present in time.

[This post was written 4th December.  I have, in fact, been out of the flat since then and am even starting to feel a little Christmassy.]

1 comment:

Kess said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a little more Christmassy now, and hope you enjoyed getting out of the house. Just make sure you wrap up warm as it's suddenly turned very cold.

Enjoy your first Christmas together. You will be missed. Spud and I are spending Christmas with my family this year. Hope your excitement continues to grow as we draw ever closer to Christmas! x