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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Pizza or Sims

Last night, as always, we came to the discussion of what we should have for dinner.  As much as I'd like to be that person who makes menu plans in advance, I'm not (turns out, downloading a cute menu planner doesn't actually make a difference in getting it written).

I was having a pretty crappy day so I wanted pizza.  Of course, mentioning this, Chris also decides he wants pizza (probably because that means he won't have to actually cook).  He then jumps to the decision of ordering out.  While I love Dominos and Papa Johns, I was aiming more for an Iceland pizza.  It took him a lot of convincing (after all, he'd have to go out and get it) but as money is tight I knew we really shouldn't be wasting it on take out.

This is where I show the flaw in my convincing.  Yes, we spent a lot less on pizza.  But we still spent that money.  You see, I recently bought Sims 3 and now we are both massively addicted.  I happened to find out that the expansion pack 'Ambitions' is on offer at Amazon currently and, as that is the one we both most want, is what I used as my leverage.  You see we could order pizza and have the money effectively go down the drain.  Or we could buy the Ambitions expansion and be able to enjoy many, many (no doubtedly far too many) hours of play. 

I'm aware that games are probably not what we should be spending our money on.  But I figured that if we would have spent it anyway, we should probably get something that will last little longer that 20 minutes.  We had the choice of almost immediate gratification (ordering pizza and not having to worry about it) or putting in a little effort (well, Chris put in the effort) and waiting for something that will hopefully keep us entertained for hours and hours.  Turns out, it got us the best of both worlds - we had pizza and we bought the game, so perhaps it wasn't the either or situation it first appeared to be.


Chelle said...


I am addicted to Words with Friends on FB (you probably already know this about me). I want an iPad so I can download Angry Birds and I have been hinting for about two years now that I want it. It's portable, it won't heat up my lap, it's light-weight, and I can play games the entire time I am being "lazy" (otherwise known as having fibromyalgia) in my recliner.

I think you totally made the right choice. And the homemade was probably better than take out. Justin makes pizza dough from scratch once a week and tonight is pizza night. Thank God he can cook because I don't care how many apps I had on my computer (or iPad), I still would be a disaster in the kitchen!


rosieposie said...

ohh sounds like the right compromise for me. i love the sims :-) x

Unknown said...

Chelle, did you know you can now play Angrybirds on Google+ ?(I haven't let myself play it as I really don't want to get addicted to anything else!) and I can completely understand about you wanting an ipad - I don't really think they're for me but I love my laptop as I can use it wherever I am in the flat. By the way, we didn't make the pizzas (though I love doing that on muffins as bases) but Chris made the effort to walk into town to pick them up from Iceland.

Rosie, the sims is the best, and so very totally addictive!