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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Friday, 24 December 2010

My Christmas Tree

Every year I decorate this little tree (I did it rather late this year as I keep it at my parent's and I only came back here a few days ago).  I bought it quite a few years ago.  I looked for a tree I liked, something small for my bedroom, but didn't find anything.  Just as I had given up hope I found this one in the window of a charity shop - I went in a bought it right then and there.  Since then I have decorated it every year with the few ornaments I have. 

Each ornament tells a story and is completely individual - my favourites are the little wooden soldier that I bought in Germany at a Christmas Market and the decorated walnut I bought at a craft market one year.  My original plan was to buy an ornament each year but I just haven't found anything I really love in the past few years.  However I hope to keep decorating this little tree each year and remember with love how I acquired each ornament.  The only thing I really need for it is a little topper - maybe I'll find one next year.

What tradition do you keep each year to keep Christmas alive in your heart?

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