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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Blogmas Day 2: An Update

As it has been so incredibly long since I have blogged, I figured I should probably let you know what has been happening in my life.  Firstly, and the biggest, is that I have moved.  I only moved a few weeks ago so I am still unpacking and getting used to life in a house again as I am now renting a room from some friends.  I am enjoying being able to see and hear birds again, living with cats (they have 6 cats which is a major difference for me as the only pets I've ever had were mice), and knowing that I am responsible for myself and can't rely on someone else in the same way that Chris was for me even after we broke up.

It is a huge change and one I am still learning to accept.  I now have an electric scooter which I have used a couple of times and will use again once I can find an extension lead long enough to charge it.  I am determined to be as independent as I can be, though am currently having carers come and help me out on a daily basis - something I will no doubt talk about at another time.

So yeah, that's my big change (and of course, now being single) and everything in my life is kind of effected by it.  However, I am determined to try and stay somewhat optimistic, and see this is a stepping stone towards the life I will love and enjoy.  That's one of the reasons I haven't really written much over the past few months as I have been depressed and physically struggling with my body, my emotions and my mind.  But I have made the step of moving on and now am hoping that I can start sorting my life out.  I must say though, they really could have warned us in school or college just how hard life is on a daily basis (and this isn't just my opinion) but then again, perhaps they didn't want us all to hang ourselves at the prospect of a life without money or... well, whatever else it is we lack (for me that would be health).  End of rant.

Seriously though, I am doing better and just remembering to take it one day at a time.  Let me know if you know how hard life can be or if your life is wonderful right now as I know that would cheer me up.


marigold said...

Good to see you blogging again Tamara. Did you do the lovely background drawing?

I think all spoonies should live somewhere where they can see and hear birds. Watching the birds in my garden always cheers me up even on my lowest days.

All the best for the future.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the warm welcome back. No, I didn't do the background (there is a link at the top left I believe) as I can barely draw (words are much more my thing), and nor have I changed it though I am considering putting up a Christmassy background for Blogmas.