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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Blogmas Day 15: A Christmas Theme

As it's very nearly Christmas now, I figured I had to do something Christmassy here on my blog so have answered a few random questions (from tags, etc) that I've spotted around the web - enjoy, and feel free to leave your answers in the comments.

Have you ever been carolling?
Yes, when I was younger I went carol singing round my village with the local Church every year.  It was one of my favourite traditions as I love singing and it always got me in a very festive mood with having to dress up  warm and stand under a lamp-post so we could see the words (though I very rarely needed them!).  It always ended at a specific house where there would be hot mince pies and mulled wine waiting for us.

What is you favourite Christmas song?
For some reason, whenever I hear "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses (I had to look up the name of the song for this - eek) I get in the mood for Christmas.  The weird thing is that I never even listened to the words until last year but the tune is so upbeat and the beginning so catchy (Bah humbug, no that's too strong, 'Cause it is my favourite holiday) that I love it.  I also love 'Mistletoe and Wine' by Cliff Richard and 'My Only Wish (This Year)' by Britney Speares

Do you have any photos of you from when you were younger?
Yes, this is actually one of my favourite photos from my childhood though I don't actually remember it being taken (but I still have the hat).

Have you ever built a gingerbread house?
Kind of.  When I was at Rangers (part of the Girl Guides) we put together those packs that come with all the pieces ready so you just stick them together and decorate.  I say 'just' but it was actually really hard and took most of the evening; only two of us managed to complete our houses and I was one of them but it took me many, many attempts.  It is one of my 'bucket list' goals to bake and make a gingerbread house from scratch (I had hoped it would be this year but with my health etc I guess I will have to wait another year to give it a go).

Favourite Christmas smell?
Such a difficult question.  To be honest I'm not entirely sure but I think it would be roasting chestnuts as it reminds me of a very specific stall that used to set up in my city when I was younger and that's all they sold - hot roasted chestnuts.  I had my first taste of them at that stall and if I happen to stumble across it when out at Winter (very unusual as I don't live there anymore and I'm not entirely sure he was there over the past few years) I always buy myself some as a special treat.

What is your favourite thing about the holidays?
I would have to say seeing my family and friends as it's the one  time of year that everyone makes that extra effort to catch up.  After that would be giving gifts as I love coming up with the perfect idea and letting someone know I love them (which is why it is extra sucky that I probably won't be giving gifts this year).

What do you have on top of your tree?
My parents always put an angel on top of the tree (though I think she looks more like a fairy) but as I am not Christian I have a snowflake for the top of my tree which I used last year (I don't have a big tree this year) and will probably continue using for years, though I will say I have been tempted by a gingerbread man topper I saw online.

Hope you enjoyed my answers and feel free to ask anything else.

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