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Friday, 11 February 2011

Review: Paranormalcy

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I have to admit I wasn't sure if I would enjoy this book as it's a genre I don't read (YA fantasy) and I generally stay away from anything with Vampires in it.  But I love love love Kiersten White's blog and as an avid reader of it I wanted to give it a go.

Now I am completely happy to tell you to GO BUY THIS BOOK.  I received this book in the post yesterday morning - I finished it last nigh.  If that is not enough to convince you then let me tell you, I haven't read a book in one day since the early Harry Potter books.  It just doesn't happen anymore - I have other things to do.  But Paranormalcy made me keep turning the pages until I'd gobbled the whole thing up.

There are no cliches and Kiersten stays well away from any over-done type situations.  Yes, there are vampires and werewolves and mermaids and faeries, but the story isn't about them.  It's about Evie, a 16 year old girl who can see through glamours and therefore it is her job to track down all these 'paranormals' and tag them for the International Paranormal Containment Agency. But the main reason I kept turning the page was the writing itself.  Readers of Kiersten's blog will recognize her unique and completely awesome voice shining through.

All I can say is I'm disappointed I'm now going to have to wait for the second and third installments of this trilogy (yet am also so thankful that Evie's story is not finished).  This is a book and an author who we should all be keeping an eye on as I'm sure there are even better things to come from her.

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Michelle D. Argyle said...

Yay, you got the book! I'm so happy you enjoyed it! I can't wait for the second one. :)