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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Why I Wish I Was A Sim

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 Okay, so I’ve been playing Sims 3 far too much recently (one of the best forms of procrastination ever!) and, I have to admit, sometimes I find myself wishing I could be a sim.  Now, just to be clear, I don’t actually want to be a sim.  For one thing, I could never live with so few options of things to do.  (I totally think that should create a creativity expansion pack including every craft imaginable).  But you have to admit that sometimes it would be nice to have someone else telling you exactly what to do (sure way of taking off the pressure).

But the main reason I would love to be a sim is just how simple their lives are.  Have you noticed?  Money practically falls into their laps.  Every painting painted earns money.  Every book written earns money as it’s being written and then royalties for 6 weeks after.  Imagine it – no endless hours worrying that no one will ever want to read your novel.  No having to write the perfect letter to interest agents/publishers.  And you’re guaranteed to sell, no matter what.

Okay, so in reality, that would make for a very boring world, full of (probably) awful books available and everyone being able to afford exactly what they want, when they want (which we all know would be a complete disaster).  You’ve got to admit though, it makes for a good fantasy.

What do you fantasise about?  Do you imagine your book/painting being a huge success?  Or do you prefer to keep your head firmly attached to your body and only worry about the life you’re actually living?

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