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Friday, 29 July 2011

Going in Circles

I don't know about other people, but I've always found that I find something and latch onto it.  I almost become obsessed as I consume whatever it is.  Usually it's a specific craft, or perhaps a tv show, or an actress.  I will spend hours online finding about it, reading interviews and looking at pictures.  But then the phrase is over and I move onto something else.  I do find that there are some things that I always seem to come back to though - writing and cross-stitch.  I have to say I think they are the true essence of me, but rarely at the same time.  I have spent the past few months stitching almost constantly.  And now suddenly I find myself not really in the mood for it.  Instead, I want to write

Yesterday I publicly declared on twitter that I am writing again.  I started a short story and am hoping to finish it.  If I do, it will be the first story I've ever finished without having to finish it.  You see, I'm a chronic non-finisher.  I'll start something but, usually around the middle, I lose interest and start something else.  I'm wondering if that's partly to do with my obsession circle.  The thing with crafts (especially cross-stitch) is that I'm unlikely to not finish, simply because when I start again I can just pick up from where I left off.  I guess I could do that with writing too, but I honestly don't know how.

I'm sure this ramble is beginning to either not make sense or just be going round in circles (apparently I do it in my writing as well as in life).  But basically, despite mostly being in a writing mode I'm going to try and continue stitching.  I doubt I'll stitch for hours as I've been known to do but I'm hoping that just by trying to continue practicing I will find I want to do it more and more.  And the same goes to my writing.  I'm determined to keep writing (even if it's just this blog) as often as possible in the hope that I can find the balance between the two rather than swinging between them like a pendulum.

Do you go through phases or obsessions?  Or have you find the perfect balance?  Let me know what for you in the comments (and any tips you can give on how you do it would be much appreciated).

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