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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Monday, 5 April 2010


For the past week I've been in holiday mode.  I went home and saw my family and decided that it wouldn't make much difference if I gave myself a little break from my uni work (aka my writing).  The problem was that when I got back I stayed in holiday mode and didn't really feel like doing anything.  In fact I indulged myself for an entire week.

But today  I decided that now was the time to start (I know it's a bank holiday but to me it is a Monday) and I feel so much better now that I have written those 1000 words.  It isn't really that much and I know I could write so much more but the point is, I am still on my break.  I still want to get everything done but I am not planning on rushing myself, I have organised ample time in my mind to get everything written with time to edit as well as some personal things I want to get done and some housework.  I have found the trick is to not get into one mode or another.  Enjoy your free time but don't extend and extend and extend indefinitely - the longer you extend your break from everything, the harder it is to go back to doing whatever it is you are taking a break from.  Make time for work and play, but expect to have to practice quite a lot before you find the perfect balance for you.

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Kess said...

I think you have got the right attitude :) That's what I'm trying to do too now that I know it isn't going to be the rush I thought it would be. It sounds as though you go by similar working methods to me :)