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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Monday, 19 May 2014

Hot Weather and Determination

At some point over the past few weeks, Summer seems to have arrived. Unfortunately, it has taken with it much of my motivation.  In short - I don't really like heat, I am a Winter person.

However, I am determined to not succumb to doing nothing when I am able to do a little.  My mind never seems to stop buzzing with ideas and plans these days, which is something I want to take advantage of, but I'm also hoping it won't be long before some of these plans turn into reality. I am not the best at sticking with something, as once I get started there always appears something else to think about, but I'm doing my best by taking a few small steps each day which will hopefully build and lead me where I need to go.

That said, I'm also planning plenty of time for resting, even though this weather isn't conducive to it. The danger is partial resting; which isn't really resting, but feels like it is as I'm lying down, but as I'm watching or listening to something at the same time it is actually low-energy activity.

Does the weather affect you in a similar way?

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