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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Friday, 5 April 2013

My First Kiss: Memories That Have Made Me

So much has happened in my life already, and a lot of those experiences have stayed with me.  They are not all monumentous, nor are they all life changing.  But every single one of them (and the countless more that are buried deep within me) have made me who I am.  

I hope others will join in with me and post their own memories on their blogs (or in the comments).  I will be posting mine every Friday, but it doesn’t matter when you write yours or if you wish to do them fortnightly or monthly – your writing should fit with your schedule.  If you do join I ask that you link to my blog with this link: (until I’ve worked out how to create a button for you to display) and that you will link your POST (not just your blog link please) in the comments each week (until I’ve worked out how to make a linky thing for you to add your links to – I’m really not very tech-savvy!).
When we are young we dream that our first real kiss will be just as magical as it is in books and films and television.  When I look back on my first kiss, I admit that part of it was awful, but I am also amazed that I somehow managed to have an amazing first kiss experience; one I will probably remember forever and which will be one of my favourite stories to tell.

I was 15 and at army cadet camp.  This is the part I’m proud of – I can honestly state that my first kiss happened right outside a real barracks on a beautiful summer evening – I had an unique setting and I love that.  His name was Paul and I had just spent the past hour or so begging him to go out with me (he eventually gave in and we went out for 6 months or so, though it ended badly) at the ‘disco’ (aka the evening activity we were expected to attend).

He walked me back to my barracks and I was more than happy to just go to bed.  But he stopped me.  I guess he figured that he deserved a kiss after my incessant begging.  So we kissed.
It was terrible.

Our teeth clashed painfully, our mouths were dry and it was generally not good.  What made the experience so memorable though was, as I turned to go to bed, he pulled me back into a kiss that I remember as amazing (can’t guarantee that was the case, but it was definitely better than our first attempt).  Perhaps that classifies as a second kiss story, but it was the fact that he pulled me back that made it so romantic to my disneyified teenage mind.

Do you remember your first kiss?  Was it good?  Bad?  Let me know in the comments or leave a link to your own post sharing your story.

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