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Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Friday, 21 March 2014

Treacled Mind

While I wouldn't necessarily classify today as a 'bad' day, it definitely isn't a 'good' day. My first thought was it felt like my body was in a vat of treacle as I have to struggle through every movement. However, this isn't exactly right, as while my body is heavy, it can move like usual. Instead of my body moving through treacle, it's my mind that has to use the effort it would need if I was stuck in treacle (just to clarify, this is all based on assumption as I've never actually been stuck in a vat of treacle!); every movement requires almost all my concentration and mental energy regardless of how it physically feels.

I don't have these days too often, and yet when I have them I find I am more inspired than usual. The prolonged stillness and struggle to even form thoughts somehow leaves space for the really interesting stuff to rise in my mind. Of course, I then have to decide whether it's worth the pain and struggle of writing it down (I am trying to get into using my dictaphone but I'm really bad at remembering to check it afterwards) as otherwise it will quickly sink, being swallowed by the treacle encasing my mind.


Unknown said...

This has made me smile. I am also having a treacle minded day! It is more bearable now that I have stopped being hard on myself as you made me realised it's just the treacle. Thank you. X

hayleyeszti said...

Treacle is the perfect way to put it! I've never been able to think of how to describe it so I will probably be stealing that one for future reference, thinking about it, I haven't had a treacle in years..

Unknown said...

Georgie - I'm glad this post helped a little and thank you so much for letting me know.

Hayley-Eszit - You are more than welcome to the phrase. This was the first time I thought of it and think I will be using it again in the future as well.