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Friday, 19 August 2011

Review: Sweet Valley Confidential

I have loved the Sweet Valley books ever since my early teens.  When I felt too old for Enid Blyton (just a phase, a promise you, I'll never be too old for Enid Blyton) it was the Wakefield twins I turned to.  I have to admit I haven't read them all and Sweet Valley University was definitely my favourite section.  But when I saw that another book was coming out, I registered my interest then promptly forgot all about it.  I didn't have any plans to read it, not yet anyway, but when I saw it in the library I couldn't help myself.

In one word, I would sum this book up as shocking.  Not necessarily in content, but simply because of the situation.  It was something that took me most of the book to get used to, and to believe.  For you lovers of SV I'm not going to spoil it for you, but it involves Todd (remember him?).  That's all you're getting, you'll have to read it for more.

The style, for me, felt quite different to the books I remember.  This is in large part due to the fact that it's written in first person (mostly alternating chapters between Elizabeth and Jessica) and there are large sections of flashback to fill us in on the story of the past ten years (actually, it's mostly about an event/events that happens eight months prior to the current story).

Once I'd got used to the much more adult tone, I couldn't put the book down as I just had to know what the hell had happened.  While I did find the events and ending a little predictable (once I'd got used to that major plot point I mentioned above), I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who love the Wakefield twins.  I would also recommend it to anyone who enjoys very emotioanl, family-orientated and romantic stories as this book is sure to deliver.

Did you read Sweet Valley growing up?  Who was your favourite?  I love Elizabeth as she was exactly how I wanted to be - what with the excessive reading and writing she did.

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