Help me Celebrate my Birthday

Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Suspending Time

Every year at about this time I come out of the bubble I realise I've created for myself. The holiday period is one of family, friends, food, late mornings, late nights and wasting time. Because I am at uni, coming home this time of year is like going on holiday. Everything that is usually important - buying food, doing the washing, washing up, doing coursework, researching - gets put to the back of my mind; I no longer have to worry about it. But then the new year hits, and I realise that I have nothing to show for the past two weeks. I have been enjoying myself and doing everything that I don't have time for normally. I have to concentrate to work out what day it is. The bubble has popped and I'm back in reality but rather than worry that I'm slightly behind in my work; I am rejuvenated and motivated, ready to start getting everything sorted and catching up.

Taking time out from our lives is important if we remember to go back into them and as long as we don't let the bubble overrun its course (often this happens in summer and returning to uni is a nightmare). We all need time to remember who we are and what we enjoy with the people we love, and hopefully, it will leave us ready to start life with more colour and enthusiasm. Eventually this will go and we'll be stuck with life again, it'll be time for another hiatus (even one day can make a difference).

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Muffins said...

True, we really need time to relax and to be with our friends and family.

Happy New Year Bethany! Hope 2010 will bring more blessings to you and your loved ones. :)