Help me Celebrate my Birthday

Help Me Celebrate my Birthday !!!!
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Sunday, 4 October 2009


Today I got up at 9.45am and am already feeling the benefits. I have more energy and motivation to get things done. Already this morning I have had a shower, created and printed off my C.V (time to get started looking for a Christmas job) and now I'm writing this blog.

Normally I don't get up until I have to, and days when I don't have to, you'd be lucky to see me before 1 or 2 pm! But I'm beginning to think that's part of my problem. By the time I drag myself out of bed, half the day has already gone so I feel guilty about missing so many daytime hours. So to make myself feel better I watch crap and eat - proven not to be the best solution. So now I'm trying to make a difference. I am going to bed before midnight and am going to try and get up before 10am every day, including those when I don't have class.

If you're like me and usually stay in bed for as long as possible only to find yourself unmotivated and still tired, try going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. I can almost guarantee it will be really difficult to begin with (it has taken me at least a week to get to the stage where I am happy to do it) but believe me, the results will be worth it.

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