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Friday, 29 May 2009

A Reason to Moan

Lately it has been hot, really hot, here in the UK. Sun shining, few clouds and even managed a decent gust of warm breeze today. So why am I longing for the warmth of winter? The winter months bring snow, rain (granted, most months bring that) and Christmas and so are to be looked upon fondly. At least if the weather outside is cold, I can warm myself up with curling up in a hoodie in my bed with a cup of hot chocolate - in this heat I am struggling to cool myself down. And so I moan that it is too hot. But in the winter, I know that I will be moaning that it is too cold and I long for the summer months (or weeks as it usually is).

The weather, it seems, has always been the topic to complain about. Of course, those who have real problems are totally entitled to moan about those. But the rest of us, it seems, need a good moan and the weather is what pulls the short straw. That way, we won't find ourselves in an awkward situation where gossip has found its way back to its subject. And we know ourselves to be in the safety of the topic - it's what us brits are expected to talk about to strangers, and it's unlikely to offend. So is it simply that the weather is a British subject? Or are we all just chronic moaners?

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